Posted by: vicholdsforth | September 22, 2010

Cap and Trade: Act Now

The mid-term elections are only a month and a half away, and legislators expecting a shift in control are scrambling to rush through their bills before they lose their majorities.  One piece of legislation expected to receive attention in the Senate is the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (S. 1733), also known as Cap & Trade. Unfortunately, this bill’s counterpart has already cleared the House, and has President Obama’s support, so it is dangerously close to passing.  Here is some information about this legislation:

  • Few Americans are aware that Europe has been underway with a cap-and-trade style energy policy for years now, and it has been an abysmal failure. Unemployment and energy costs are up, AS ARE CO2 EMISSIONS!
  • A study of the policy in Spain shows that 90% of the green jobs created were temporary, and more jobs were lost in other sectors of the economy than were created in green energy.
  • Europeans have discovered that the regulations have resulted in a bureaucracy that is expensive, corrupt, and ineffective in curbing CO2 emissions.
  • The European regulations have resulted in the transfer of wealth from everyday working people to well-positioned corporate interests.  Green companies are not making a profit, so their governments have given them the green light to take their profits from the pockets of taxpayers instead.
  • Because the cost of compliance is passed on to consumers for basic essentials like heating & lighting, cooking, and getting to & from work, it falls disproportionately on the working people least able to afford it.
  • The Department of Energy and the Congressional Budget Office both estimate that implementing these policies here will result in a net loss of jobs over time. American employers will either go out of business or ship jobs overseas as a result of the increased cost of doing business this legislation will impose upon them.  With unemployment still near 10%, our economy can’t afford to take this hit.  America’s capital needs to be invested in real private-sector jobs that create wealth, not temporary government-subsidized jobs that make certain politicians look good for the next election cycle, but then disappear and put people back in the unemployment line.
  • And let’s not forget that this scheme is intended to address a problem that we now know was fabricated from falsified climate data.

If your Senator is a Democrat, as mine are, hopefully he or she will respond to appeals to the inherent unfairness of the cost of compliance being passed on to those least able to afford it, the potential for favoritism to corporate interests, and the real prospect that it will result in shipping American jobs overseas.  Please contact your Senator today!



  1. Australia is all set to have a $20-30 carbon tax.

    Our electricity prices will go through the roof.


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