Posted by: vicholdsforth | July 26, 2012

The Failed Policies of the Past (Part 1: Defending the Constitution)

Life’s been pretty busy and I haven’t blogged in a while, but recent developments in the presidential campaign have left me feeling the need to say more than is really reasonable to put in a Facebook status…and there’s only so much political ranting I want to subject my friends and family to. ;D  I’d hoped to put this all in one post, but it got so long I decided it needed to be a series, so here it is:  “The Failed Policies of the Past.”  Democrat politicians and strategists LOVE this phrase…it’s so catchy, and they think it will distract people from the current state of affairs now that we’re three years into the Obama presidency.  But I think it’s only fair to review the policies of the recent past and see where they’ve gotten us.  Let’s grade the Obama Administration’s paper, shall we?  Today we’ll look at Obama’s oath to defend the Constitution, and in subsequent installments, we’ll look at the economy, national security, racial issues, ethics, immigration, and more.

When taking the Oath of Office, the President swears to defend the Constitution.  President Obama has routinely ignored and undermined the Constitution he swore to defend in a variety of ways.  Article I, Section 1 of the United States Constitution states:  “All legislative Powers…shall be vested in… Congress…”  Separation of Powers, or Checks and Balances, is a key foundational principle in our government.  The Founders recognized that people are fallible and subject to the temptation to misuse power when it becomes too concentrated in the hands of one person or group of people.  Moreover, in spite of the popular criticisms about gridlock and Congress being unable to “get anything done,” that is exactly how the Founders designed the Federal Government to function.  They did not want whomever happened to be in power at the moment to be able to easily make drastic changes to our laws; they only wanted federal law and the Constitution to be modified if such changes enjoyed broad and sustained support.  In the United States, the responsibility of the Executive Branch is to uphold the law, not to make law.  The power to make laws rests with Congress, not with the President.

Obama enjoyed having Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress for the first half of his presidency.  He kicked off his presidency with  an unseemly lecture to Republican legislators, gloating, “we won.” He cast aside all pretense of bipartisanship, starting by completely disregarding the Bowles-Simpson economic recommendations, a Commission that he himself had convened.  Voters expressed their displeasure with the Democrat agenda and they lost decidedly in the mid-term elections.  Instead of heeding the voice of the electorate and working to build bipartisan legislative consensus as he had promised during his own campaign, Obama responded instead by openly admitting his plans to usurp the legislative powers of Congress in his “We Can’t Wait” speech. He has repeatedly overstepped the authority of his office by creating laws via Executive Order and by handing policy-making power to regulatory agencies.  When Obama failed to convince Congress to pass Cap & Trade, he implemented it instead by expanding the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency.  When he could not advance his immigration agenda, he simply instructed his administration to ignore the laws he was unable to change through legitimate Constitutional means.  After S.773, which gave the President discretionary and unilateral power to seize control of the Internet, died in committee, he signed an Executive Order giving himself that authority.  Separation of Powers FAIL!

Moving on to Article II, Section 2:  “…he [the President] shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint…public Ministers and Consuls…and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for…”  Obama made several recess appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board when Congress was, in fact, in session.  It’s interesting to note that the Senate has been under Democrat control for Obama’s entire tenure as President.  What does it say about his ability to work and play well with others when he feels compelled to undertake rules-gaming in place of securing the Constitutionally-mandated approval of a legislative body in which his own party is the majority?  Checks and Balances FAIL!

And last but not least, the First Amendment has fared pretty miserably at the hands of Barack Obama.  Let’s begin with the Establishment Clause:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” By requiring all employers to provide comprehensive family planning, including abortions and abortifacients, at no cost to their employees, Obamacare expressly prohibits the free exercise of religion for millions of Americans and forces them to subsidize behaviors they find immoral. This affects not only Catholics, but many other Christian denominations, as well as Orthodox Jews and Muslims.

The First Amendment continues:   “…or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press…”  Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has consistently acted in ways that raise red flags for those who are concerned with free speech rights.  He has retaliated against media outlets that published comments unfavorable to his agenda and denies access to journalists who refuse to allow his administration to edit stories before they go to press.  While Obamacare was being debated, the official White House website called upon Americans to turn in friends and colleagues who circulated emails that criticized the legislation.  Since he was sworn in, several bills have been introduced to allow the government to monitor and control the internet at the government’s discretion and without due process.  Bill of Rights FAIL!

Barack Obama:  spearheading the failed policies of the (recent) past.



  1. Fail indeed! We need a stronger word!

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