Posted by: vicholdsforth | July 28, 2012

The Failed Policies of the Past (Part 3: Unemployment)

Yesterday, my final example of Obama’s national security FAILS was to note his obstructionism surrounding the Keystone Pipeline, an extraordinary opportunity to transfer a significant amount of our energy supply away from nations unfriendly to us.  This move also represents a lost opportunity to improve the economic situation in the United States as well.  Gasoline prices have more than doubled since Obama took office, and Obama bypassed a chance to begin to pry the price-colluding fingers of OPEC from our throat.  And wouldn’t it have been nice for more of our energy dollars to end up in the hands of Canadians, folks much more likely to spend them back here with us…or at least not use them to murder American citizens?

Let’s also look at the employment impact the Keystone Pipeline would have had.  Even the most liberal sources estimate that the project would generate tens of thousands of construction jobs followed by hundreds of permanent positions.  Democrats and liberal media outlets have downplayed these foregone American jobs by claiming that the figures originating from more conservative sources were overstated.  But in an economy in which more people are getting on disability than are finding new jobs, shouldn’t our government be seizing every opportunity to remove obstacles to job creation, rather than rationalizing with arguments that go something like, “Well we didn’t not allow the creation of as many jobs as you said we weren’t going to.”?

The Obama campaign has been attacking Mitt Romney with accusations that he shipped jobs overseas.  Democrats would have us believe that this is happening because greedy business owners want to exploit cheap labor in countries like China and Mexico.  These claims are distorted and misleading.  The fact is, taxes and regulations are what is driving American companies to downsize.  In yet another green “triumph,” GE has been forced to close plants in Wisconsin, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky because Congress has essentially outlawed incandescent bulbs, a product we had heretofore been able to manufacture competitively right here in the US.

Obamacare, too, is impeding not only hiring, but medical innovation in the U.S., as well.  Cook Medical, an Indiana medical equipment manufacturer, has scrapped plans to open 5 new plants in economically hard-hit communities in the Midwest, each employing up to 300, because the new taxes introduced by Obamacare are projected to cost the company approximately $20 million annually…money the firm had earmarked for expansion.  A Cook spokesman says the company’s tax burden next year will increase by over 50 per cent.  Zimmer Inc., also based in Indiana, anticipates that the additional taxes will force them to lay off employees and curtail their research & development activities.

Most Americans understand that the government really doesn’t have the power to create jobs; all it can do is stay out of the way as much as possible and let entrepreneurs do what they do best:  create products and services that people are willing to part with their hard-earned dollars to have.  The Obama administration is undercutting employment opportunities through its energy policies, regulatory environment, and tax scheme, then blaming and vilifying the very job-creators they’ve hamstrung.  Jobs FAIL!


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