Posted by: vicholdsforth | August 2, 2012

The Failed Policies of the Past (Part 5: Race Relations)

Many Americans voted for Obama in 2008 because they felt that if we could elect a black president, America would finally be able to begin to put its racial divisions in the past.  What they probably didn’t realize is that Democrat leaders are some of the most racist people in America.  How is it not racist for liberals to smear and demean accomplished individuals like Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, and Allen West with monikers like “Uncle Tom” and “house n—–”?  These are also the folks who are screaming so loudly that requiring people to present photo ID at their local polling place in order to help prevent voter fraud is somehow racist.  Umm…isn’t it racist to suggest that minorities are too stupid to secure a photo ID?  …and as an aside, one has to wonder why they’re so terrified that provisions might be put into place to help insure the integrity of an election.

Attorney General Eric Holder is probably one of the most ironic figures on this front.  How many times must we be subjected to accusations of racism because we think he should be held accountable for the Fast & Furious scandal?  And yet, it was none other than Holder himself who instructed the Department of Justice not to prosecute any cases of voter intimidation if the alleged perpetrators were black.  

And who can forget the Henry Gates gaffe…six months into office, Obama let his true colors show when he publicly castigated Cambridge police officers…immediately after admitting he didn’t have the facts!  The next day, when given the opportunity to walk back his remarks, he instead dug in.  I am growing weary of being labeled a racist because I differ with our ultra-liberal President on policy matters (although I do take a modicum of satisfaction knowing that those who hurl these insults do it because they are simply unable to defend their position logically and persuasively). Instead of bringing racial healing, Barack Obama has instead been the single most racially divisive figure in America since the Civil Rights Movement.  Racial Reconciliation FAIL


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