Posted by: vicholdsforth | August 7, 2012

The Failed Policies of the Past (Part 7: Foreign Policy)

Part 7:  Foreign Policy

After Barack Obama won the election in 2008, a friend of mine expressed the hope that Obama would be able to repair what he’d felt was a negative image in the international community.  Barack Obama’s conciliatory posture with foreign nations, starting with his infamous bows to the Saudi King and Japanese Emperor, have done nothing to enhance our relationships with others in the international community.  Indeed, it has emboldened our enemies and proven disconcerting to our friends.  According to the Muslim Brotherhood’s own English-language website, Muslims remain unappeased; and it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how Israelis might feel hearing a White House official refer to Jerusalem as “Al-Quds.”  Pushing the “restart button” has resulted in American concessions without commensurate movement on Russia’s part, as well as dissatisfaction among our European allies.  It has also emboldened Russia to undertake to open a naval base in the Americas.

Obama’s Mid-east policy seems to lack any cohesive strategy:  why, for example, did he become entangled with Libya and not Syria…and after criticizing his predecessor about Iran?  And if he chooses not to become involved in Syria, why champion the would-be Palestinian State?  Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya are now openly in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group whose mission, according to Steven Merley of the Center on Islam, Democracy, & the Future of the Muslim World at the Hudson Institute, is to “destroy Western civilization” and realize a “global Islamic state.”

In the shadow of this turmoil, and against the advice of his own Secretary of Defense, Obama is now using the impending sequestration on defense spending as a political football in order to secure massive spending rather than fundamental reform for entitlement programs.   In a nutshell, Obama’s foreign policy has been to embolden people who hate us, then gut our ability to protect ourselves from them.  Foreign Policy FAIL!


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