About Vic

I’m a suburban wife of 25 years & mother of two great teenagers. I love to travel, read, garden, and write. I hold a BS from the University of Illinois, and an MA from Wheaton College. Although I lean conservative on most issues, I have discovered that egalitarian theology best reflects the whole counsel of Scripture on gender and marriage.  My husband and I have left the institutional church and are planting an organic congregation in our community. Our passion is to recover true every-member functioning and consensus leadership, and to foster unity by conscientiously preventing non-essential theological issues from dividing and sidetracking us.  If you are interested in such a faith community, please feel free to post a comment, even if it’s not related to a blog.



  1. I think it’s interesting how Christians select scripture to fit their needs. It’s the same as pryaing, “God, we’re going to complete this task, so help us do it. Amen” And then expect God to do great things among us. Every Christian can easily slide down this slipery slope. Thank God for the communion of believers, prayer, God’s word, and the Holy Spirit among us to help keep us from falling.

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